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“In the end you just lie on the ground and after a while a tree grows out of your head, and everything’s over. You become one with the earth, converge to its interior, flow in its veins and finally emerge as a big and pure stream, in which chemical waste is probably dumped immediately.”

—   Douglas Adams, The Long Dark Tea-time of the Soul (via hitchhikersguidetothegalaxy)

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a*mazing: that’s grouse


a*mazing: that’s grouse

“Let your children grow up to be farmers. Let them know what it is like to be free from fluorescent lights and laser-pointer meetings…”

—   Great short piece here. Well said. 



Rowan Jacobsen’s Apples of Uncommon Character has apples, apples and more apples – 123 varieties, in fact. Team member Beth says it feels kind of like a Facebook for fruit: “profile photos taken from the most flattering angle, and a rundown of basic biographical data — origin, appearance, flavor, texture, season, use and region. (Of course, there’s some good gossip, too — like how Golden Delicious ‘sired’ Jonagold, Mutsu, Gala, Pink Lady and many more).”

Other things Beth learned while reading the book: which apple variety inspired Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity, and which one inspired Rambo. Read Beth’s review of the book here.

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"Like the Incredible Hulk, Mutsu is huge, green, and strangely lovable." - The best description of an apple. 

Red Baraat are so good!

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Dandelions are the enemy in the war for the pristine green lawn. However, they are incredibly beneficial to many insects and pollinators, and there are a variety of ways to cook and eat them.



Ode To The Dandelion




Taraxacum officinale


University of Maryland Medical Center - Dandelion


National Gardening Association - Fall Garden Cover Crops


Large populations of dandelions can actually offer such a strong floral cue to pollinators that the forego visiting a majority of other plants on the landscape. This can be especially damaging to rare plant species or those that cannot self pollinate.

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First Dog on The Moon.

Not Poor Enough, Not Depressed Enough, Not Abused Enough


By Clementine Bastow

Dear Young Person:

You are eight years old. Your aunt has given you a biscuit tin full of antique costume jewelry: there are Venetian glass beads and gold filigree things and tiny little snuff boxes set with enamel flowers. Even the tin itself is beautiful, covered…

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